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Arie Tromp

Let me introduce myself

First name: Arie

Surname: Tromp

Born: February 12, 1945 in Stein (Limburg)

Grown up: in Boven-Hardinxveld (Zuid-Holland)

Basic training: Christian Protestant Primary School in Boven-Hardinxveld

Secondary education: Municipal Gymnasium Camphusianum in Gorinchem

Profession: Minister


My way through the Dutch Reformed Church and the Protestant Church in the Netherlands


Daarle 1970 - 1976
Renkum 1976 - 1983
Krimpen aan de Lek 1983 - 1993
Rijnsburg 1993 - 2001
Hattem 2001 -2008


My own website


Not ...
because I want to market my business, because I don't have one.
But I would like to place some meditations and sermons on the spiritual marketplace, hoping you can benefit from it in your heart.

Not ...
because I want to get rich by holding a business, I already feel rich.
But I do sell books in my webshop for a low price. My library has to shrink and if I can please you with a good book.

Not ...
because I need contacts. I am not lonely.
But new contacts and encounters via my website are very welcome.

But ...
because it is a relaxing hobby for me to build a website by myself.
I compare it with making a puzzle. That is why this website is not finished, but I am constantly working to expand and rebuild it. You will probably notice something of that.

Have fun on my website! Anyone who logs in (after registration) will find even more!

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